The worlds most powerful computer from $800
Everything you'd expect from an Viewpoint desktop, now more powerful than ever. Enjoy blazing fast speed with the Zenith Series PCs. A machine built to keep up with you.

Fast and seamless performance
Own the fastest Viewpoint tower ever. With a Intel Quad Core i7, you can blaze through RAM-heavy applications like video editing, 4K video playback, legit multitasking and extreme gaming.

Blazing Fast SSD Drives
Don't be waiting around when you turn on your PC and wait for all the applications to load, With a very fast SSD (Solid State Drive) Your PC will boot up in a matter of seconds, and data transfer will be faster than ever in combo of USB 3.0

Lots of memory options
Watch your photo and video projects go from fast to blazing when you choose the maximum memory up to 32GB DDR3 2133MHz. Never get slowed down by memory intensive applications, like Google Chrome.

Quicker access
The Zenith offers traditional 7200RPM hard drives or fast storage up to 4 TB of storage for maximum speed and storage capacity. The cache recognizes and automatically stores your most frequently used applications and files from your hard drive on a compact and fast solid state drive. A secondary SSD up 1TB lets you store and open files quickly when in need. The operating system is stored on the SSD so this allows for faster launches and less wait times.

Even better gaming and video editing
Upgrade to the powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 650 or NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 graphics card for the ultimate gaming and video experience. Gaming, movies and other images jump off the screen. For those seeking a system that can handle high‐performance video, look no further than the amazing Viewpoint Zenith desktop.

Expand your potential
Future ready, this desktop is ready for whatever you throw at it, except for physical objects such as rocks. Make it your own and improve it over time with graphics cards and hard drives, you can buy it now or later.

Easy expandability
With an amazing 3 hard drive bays and up to 2TB storage you'll never run short on room. You also have the option to add more hard drives later. Future upgrades are easier also because the hard drive and power cord are included for each bay. With up to 4 DDR3 slots, there is plenty of upgrade potential for more RAM as well. 

Boost your productivity
With 8 USB ports, you have lots of room to plug in all your devices. The Viewpoint PC offers added flexibility with ports located in the front, top and back for easy and simple cable management, so easy a cat wouldn't be confused!

Smart and elegant design
Viewpoint PCs are built to make your life easy.  All Viewpoint products are designed with easily accessible ports and connectors and be compatible with all your devices

Easy access to USB ports
There are USB ports on the front and top to provide convenient access to the plug in all of your portable devices. Get rid of fumbling to get the phone USB connector into the USB! The top angled USB ports were specifically designed to be easy to plug in devices while you are seated and your desktop is sitting on the ground.

Charge and store devices
Use the top tray to charge your device or as a great place to store your Android or Windows phone when connected  The top tray is a stable place to set your devices while you connect to download your content.

Easy media transfer 
With USB 3.0, We can transfer data from your devices faster than older USB 2.0. So you won't be waiting around very long

Microsoft has just raised the bar with Windows 10
The best Windows ever meets the best Viewpoint PC ever. Whats the result? Power, performance and productivity. Windows 10 gives you all the features you know from the world’s most popular operating system, plus some great improvements you’ll love. Enhance all you do with new Windows 10 features:

Start menu
You'll feel like an expert from the get-go since your Windows Start menu is back in a legit expanded form. Plus, all your pinned applications will carry over so your experience is familiar, productive and better than ever. No more complaining about Windows 8!

DirectX 12
Break down large boundaries and step into your game with graphics more stunning than ever before with the new DirectX 12 technology. Windows 10's API has new features that will provide quicker processing in real time to generate higher FPS and cleaner graphics as well increased power consumption to waste more energy.

Expand your gaming life
The Xbox app lets you see what your friends are playing now, chat with your friends, and track your scores and achievements. Plus, Game DVR lets you record your terrible gameplay with a simple click of a button.

Play even more games
The greatest Xbox games are now at your fingertips, and you will have built-in support for the Xbox controller and even stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. You can start a game on your PC and move to your Xbox to continue playing it.