Viewpoint Phone Concept

With a Intel Atom Core with 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage plus a SD card slot, what else could you want! And it has a sleek metal design and the sapphire display. Prices starting at just $429.99 on contract. It just gets even better.

64-Bit Desktop Architecture
64-bit desktop computing power in your pocket.

Powerful Processor
The Viewpoint Phone has a Intel Atom Z3460 that is putting desktop power into your hand.

Simple is better. So there is a simple slim design with almost nothing on it. This is because it just makes the phone look better. And there is less to look at. And there is more place to stick Android logos on. And there is more space for you to- you get the idea!

Runs Android 8.2
A faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience. Its one you will enjoy very much.

Best camera ever
We think photos are very important so we jammed in a awesome camera. The camera packs a 20.7 MP f/1.6 sensor with manual modes and RAW photo shooting, its a great DLSR replacement.