Cameras have always been a important thing in our lives. A camera helps us remember the happy moments, the sad moments and everything in the middle. So we decided we would make a great phone with a awesome camera.
The Viewpoint Phone's Intel core allows the phones to take large photos. The display is a 4K display that can handle 4K photos with ease. The back camera (The one on the side with no screen) can take photos up to 20.7 MP. Then it stores the photos within seconds on the phones main storage unit. The photos are big so we allowed a 128 SD card to be put in. The front camera (The selfie one) has a 10.2 MP camera that can also take 1080p HD Video.


There are 6 microphones throughout the phone. 4 in the speakers, 1 on the bottom, and one on the top of the phone. There are 3 speakers on the phone. On next to the back camera, one on the bottom of the phone where the other microphone is, and a mini-speaker next to the 10.2 MP front camera.
Yes I know, that's a pretty photo. I don't know where that photo came from. They just slapped it on a phone to make the photo's look good. It's for advertising. but 20.7 MP is like a awesome camera for a smartphone! But it comes with a price.