Designing the Viewpoint Phone was not easy. But this time we got it right. Our first attempt at designing a powerful phone that had good specs and a good camera did not work as it was planned. At the last minute we rigged the phone to run Android and that did not go well. The Viewpoint Phone concept one was made to run Ubuntu Touch. Ubuntu Touch works different that Android so we made the phone to run Ubuntu Touch. Then Viewpoint's project manager insisted that it run Android 5.0 when he say how smooth Android Lollipop was. The phone performed like a pile of crap so we started over. This time we made sure it was smooth and fast when running Android and all the stuff worked. The design is one our design team came up with. It's interesting and I had never seen a phone put together in that way. This explains the design for the Viewpoint Phone.
The buttons on the side are the volume buttons. They have a gradient look to make them feel textured and premium. The silver ring around the phone is there to add a sense of completeness and depth. A front facing camera was put to the right of the screen because it makes the phone feel more spaced out and not a cramped together. A mini speaker is to the left of it so you can hear the person on the other end when making a phone call. Its in the middle because that is where you put your ear. And the headphones jack is to that left because it would look odd if everything was on the right.
This image shows us a bit more. The white volume up and power sticker things did not show up in the last photo above because they are reflective. You can see them at different angles. This is because it looks cool. 4 microphones are placed in the speaker to save space. The speaker is there because you don't usually stick you finger near the camera so you don't cover the speaker. The camera has a ring around it to give the phone a more premium feel. There is no flash because that would cost you about 12 more bucks so we added low-light thingies to the camera app to replace the flash. The camera is placed in the center because it fits better there. It houses a mighty 20.7 MP camera. The back of the phone is curved to make the phone feel less like that ratched iPhone and more like a Android.
Thinness was key when creating this phone. To the left is the headphones jack and to the right is the top microphone. Both evenly spaced out. The reason there was no top microphone on the first photo is because that was a early prototype of the phone. Not to much to explain here.
The front of the phone is simple and easy on the eyes. Nothing to look at but the screen. No buttons on the bottom to press. Only buttons on the screen. Nice and simple. The phone runs stock Android 5.0.2 and comes with nothing but the core apps and the Google Apps. No bloatware. The front of the phone has corning gorilla glass 3 for glass. the screen can be double taped to wake the phone. The row of buttons on the screen are back, home and recent apps. the front facing camera has a whopping 10.2 MP lense with digital zoom! Yup. No joke. That's all we have to say. But keep in mind you will have to pay $229.99 for all this. That's with a two your contract. Get the Viewpoint Phone unlocked for $639.99! You just save you money and by the time 2018 comes around you should have 230 bucks. Share this page because you can using the +1 button.