At this moment in time, work is currently paused on the A350 project, but will resume later on when resources prevail. 
Please continue to feel free to inquire about development positions for the A350 XWB Jetliner Project.

A350 XWB Jetliner Project for Prepar3D
By Viewpoint Technologies
Why the A350?
The A350 is a modern and fun aircraft that Viewpoint feels can be faithfully recreated. The flight simulation community is in need of a modern Airbus, and Viewpoint Technologies plan to fully deliver one.

Project Goals
  • Ultra Realistic Autopilot system
  • Super High-detail cockpit model
  • Full PFD/MFD/ND display systems
  • Display font is the same as the real A350
  • Airbus A350 unique touch screen interface
  • Fully Integrated FMC that works with SIDS/STARS
  • CPDLC-style integration with supported vPilot clients
  • Realistic ECAM monitoring system designed for the sim
  • Fully functional interactive Airbus electronic checklist system
  • Complete Prepar3D support with legacy FSX options available.
Development Information
KMHT Development Team
  • C++ Developer: Positions Open...
  • Ryan C. - Project Manager
  • Alexander E. - Chief Modeler
  • Travis W. - A350 resource expert
The A350 payware project will be released with an in-depth and accurate systems recreation, including a full flight management system (FMS) with a detailed VC. Post-release updates will expand functionality and introduce new features. The A350 for Prepar3D will be payware, price is undecided. The current projected Beta release is late 2020. You can stay up to date with our development progress via our social media outlets or our forums. 
  Previews (P3D v4)

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 Ambiance Artist: Federico N. - Modeling: Alexander E. - A350 XWB Lead Researcher: Travis W.