We are currently recruiting developers for this project.
Current staffed positions are:

Animations: Open!
Gauges Model: Open!
VC Model: Nick Hoffman
Lead Researcher: Travis Witty
Ambiance Editor: Federico Nocioni
Exterior Model: HangarCeroUno Development

Why the 767-400ER?

The Boeing 767's unique combination of size, performance and low-operating cost also has made it a leader in market development, single-handedly bringing about fragmentation of the North Atlantic market. It also is the leader in widebody airplane sales and in passenger preference in its market.

The 767-400ER is sized between the 767-300ER and the 777-200, and features a lengthened fuselage, aerodynamic improvements, increased takeoff weight, a passenger pleasing 777-style interior, a new upgraded flight deck and an all-new main landing gear. This makes it highly unique, unlike any other aircraft.

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