At this moment in time, work is currently paused on the 764 project, but will resume later on when resources prevail.

We are currently recruiting developers for this project.
Current staffed positions are:

Animations: Open!
Gauges Model: Open!
VC Model: Nick Hoffman
Lead Researcher: Travis Witty
Ambiance Editor: Federico Nocioni
Exterior Model: HangarCeroUno Development

Why the 767-400ER?

The Boeing 767's unique combination of size, performance and low-operating cost also has made it a leader in market development, single-handedly bringing about fragmentation of the North Atlantic market. It also is the leader in widebody airplane sales and in passenger preference in its market.

The 767-400ER is sized between the 767-300ER and the 777-200, and features a lengthened fuselage, aerodynamic improvements, increased takeoff weight, a passenger pleasing 777-style interior, a new upgraded flight deck and an all-new main landing gear. This makes it highly unique, unlike any other aircraft.

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