Southport Airport

Prepar3D v4 (WIP)

At the current moment, the CYPG Scenery Project is on hold.

Work may resume at a later date.


CYPG is a payware scenery designed for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D) v4. It has been created with attention to accuracy and performance, using the latest available scenery development techniques. This scenery is our first Canada payware product available for public usage.

Scenery Highlights

  • Dynamic lighting support
  • Over 30 ultra high-detail buildings
  • Photo-Realistic ground textures
  • Advanced 4 season texturing w/RealWinter Technology
  • Handplaced landclass
  • Surrounding area + landmarks modeled
  • 20+ Surrounding buildings modeled
  • Over 1,500 acres of high-quality photo real

CYPG Development Team

  • Peter S. - Lead Developer
  • Ryan C. - Asst. Lead Developer


CYPG is currently on hold, but release is slated for mid 2019.


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